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About Us

Pets,LLC was created to give cremation companies, like you, the needed tools to operate your business.

Everyone that gets involved in pet cremation either comes at this business through personal loss, from the funeral field, or the veterianian industry. However you got here we welcome you. The industry is the new wild west with no rules to follow or a company out here that has a successful background who is willing to share with the ones that want to run their own crematory the know-how to get it done.

The school of hard knocks seems to be the only way to learn how to operate a pet crematory. Business models vary and contrast like night and day. So PETS was created by a funeral director that has been in the pet cremation business for over 15 years! Well, that is taking way too much credit. The program was created for the use of the company by very talented computer programmers who has years of experience making dreams come true.

As a Certified Pet Loss Professional; we want the same thing the owner wants: To confidently know they are getting their pet back. PETS creates a framework for you to follow that assures everyone that what you say you are doing is actually being done. Creating a fancy name for keeping a log is not what we are about. Instead, we offer you the opportunity to create a relationship with the pet owner and build a bond that will last as long as they own pets.

The problem with working without a program like PETS is the owners rarely get what they want from you when the pet passes away. We all say that the best time to plan for this is when the pet is still alive and you can think clearly. The truth is most people do not want to think about their pet passing until they have. In this small window of opportunity you have to get your information in front of the owner.

PETS makes this possible. If you are working one on one with the owner you will have the chance to spend time with them. If you are servicing more than one person at a time this becomes almost impossible. PETS gets you to the owner and provides them with a window to contact you. Then you can create magic. Offering your services like you could never before; giving the best customer service they have ever experienced. This builds value!

We are so confident you will love PETS we are offering you a free 90 trial! NO RISK! IMPRESSIVE RESULTS!