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 PETS offers the tools needed to operate your business

So, what does it do?


  Services                   Benefits              
– Email to owner when you remove the pet from the veterinarian       – Identify you as the cremation company; not the veterinarian    
– Email to owner when you return the pet to the veterinarian       – Relieve the veterinarian's staff from having to call the owner to come get their pet
– Text message to your field representative when the veterinarian request your services   – Stop the waste from "yo-yoing" across town        
– Email to the veterinarian the animals you removed and returned       – No more lost paper or waiting on the bill        
– Pet information is entered by the veterinarian and tags are printed on site     – A misspelled pet name is no longer being blamed on you    
– Tracking through your entire cremation process         – You can not miss place a pet          
– Record keeping of all pets cremated           – Access to your records online and at your fingertips      
– Identification numbers are generated at the crematory and are listed on your cremation certificate – Authentication and validation          
– Each cremation cycle identifies the pet(s) in the crematory        – A truly complete chain of custody for your client      
– Identify the location in the cremation process where a pet is from any internet location   – Transparencey; even your vet can see if the pet in question has been cremated
– Monitor who is using the system and who is not         – Accountability            
– Instantly view how you are doing month to month and year to date     – No longer guess; KNOW          
– Visualize which clinics are generating pets and how many per week     – Customer service is not a guess          
– See who is not used your services in the last three weeks       – Don't let a veterinarian slip through your hands      
– Know how much your crematory is costing you to operate       – Price your services correctly          
– Know when to replace parts or service your equipment         – Don't loose money waiting for replacement parts that keep you operational  

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