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                                                                                    March 31, 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I am President and owner of Treasured Paws, Inc., located in Waller, Texas. For the past year, we have incorporated the Pet Electronic Tracking System (PETS) into our business operations and I could not be more pleased with our decision. In the past, we have used competitive software applications designed for the pet aftercare business. I can say that PETS sets a new standard in terms of functionality, reliability, and customer service.
Installing the PETS system into our business operation was a snap. Installation and training in the veterinary practices that we service was even easier. We did not encounter a single software or hardware compatibility issue. 
In the past year, we have not experienced any downtime with the PETS application. All software issues that we reported were minor in nature and resolved in a matter of minutes…not hours or days.
The functionality, systematic organization, and reporting features save Treasured Paws countless hours each week. This allows for a more prompt level of service to our valued clients.
All veterinary practices serviced by Treasured Paws have welcomed the PETS application with open arms. The electronic scheduling and the automated voice message/e-mail function for pet owners saves tremendous time on the vet clinic end and eliminates mistakes.
The automated voice message function has quite literally paid for itself. Our automated message reminds pet owners to view our online catalog for aftermarket urns. As a result, our urn sales have increased 300%!
I have tried other pet tracking software packages and can state from experience that none can compete with PETS. If you would like to further discuss what the PETS application can do for your business, please contact me at 866-360-5133.
                                                                                 Tim G. Piper
                                                                                 Treasured Paws, Inc.

 Thank you for this great system!
We started using PETS (Pet Electronic Tracking System) just over a year ago.  At first, I thought it was great but I was a little skeptical. I am not tech. kind of person.  It was easy to learn! I was introducing it to our clients and showing them how it works by the next day. In the coarse of this last year, I found this system to be everything that I was told it would be and more. 
This system works great for a smaller operation like ours (three people covering an ~60 mile radius); if we were larger I could not imagine the logistics without it!  As soon as a pet is put into the system you are notified.  You know automatically whether the pet is for Individual (return of ashes) or not, the weight of the pet, the pet's name in a legible form, and when it passed away.  This allows us to prioritize the cremation pick ups that we do. We save time, we save gas, we save money and MOST importantly-we please our clients (animal hospitals). All of this reflects directly on our bottom line revenues.
It is also great for our clients, they can log into the system and know if we have been notified for pick up, if we have picked up the pet, if the cremation has taken place and when it has been delivered. The system eliminates some of the unnecessary phone calls, because they can see what is going on too.  Again, this save time and energy on everyone's part.
Tech support is a word that I hate.  In most cases, for me, tech support means holding the phone for an hour with little results.  This is not the way PETS has been designed-Thank goodness.  I have had little need for tech support with this system.  Anything that I have had a question about has been answered with one very short phone call.  Update is another computer term I hate too.  Usually, this means learning the system all over again.  PETS has had several updates since we began with the system.  There has been no relearning the system.  The updates have made an easy process even easier--by the way I love the icon reminders for such things as paw prints and hair clippings--great idea!
In short, I would highly recommend the PETS system to anyone whether a single person operation or a multi-location operation.
Thank you again!
Tim McKinnish
Faithful Friends Pet Cremation
Raleigh, NC